Pasta – #chefdiljot


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Boil the pasta
Add in peas when the pasta is nearly cooked
Sauté the onion with garlic, then add tomatoes
Add any type of pasta sauce to the onions, garlic and tomatoes
Or alternatively chopped tin tomatoes with herbs (to make your own sauce)
Mix with the pasta when cooked  (I put pepper on my pasta and peas before mixing)
Done 🙂

Simple, easy and tastes good


The Top 5: Blogging

Half Baked Harvest
Amazing food recipes, with a blog which is easy to follow and find recipes on. There are lots of varieties and choices, from vegetarian to snack food, cakes and healthy foods.

Man Repellar
Life advice and help for your fashion dilemmas. The blog posts are hilarious to read and also very down to earth giving a true point of view. This blog is also not just run by one person, so the information that is being given isn’t biased.

Anna Rike
Not so much of an informative blog, but the outfits that are put together have had lots of thought put into them and they work well.

The Blond Salad
Similar to Anna Rike’s blog but with a bit more variation. This blogger travels often and shows the outfits that can be worn in many areas.

The Beauty Department
Hair, make up, beauty blog. Advice and tips on the best and worst of items, products, hairdryers, and allsorts. From a NYE look to the running-errands look.

OOTD Magazine
All things fashion, beauty and life related. A really good and interesting blog for any kind of reader, and one that you can always find yourself reading.

August Favourites

How is already September? It felt like May was just last week! Anyways, this is what I’ve loved in August.

Product Favs
The Body Shop – Tea Tree Toner
It’s really been nice to use on my face. I know its not this very product that determines my spot levels and although not a necessity, it’s been in my drawers and so I thought I’d get through it.

The Body Shop – Tea Tree Face Wash
So refreshing, you can really feel how it cleans. I like to use this at night because I like the fresh clean feeling before I go to sleep, knowing my face is free of the dirt build up during the day.

First Aid Beauty – Face Wash
This is so good! It doesn’t have a smell so it’s not going to be all up in your nose. It’s creamy and smooth, which is great for mornings.

L’Oreal – Volume Million Lashes (Extra Black)
This is the best mascara I have ever used. It curls, adds volume, and makes it look like I literally have a million lashes. I think the best thing is that it doesn’t clump up on your lashes, its super easy to take of but it’s so easy that it smudges if you rub your eye a bit. Its perfect

Nivea – Moisturiser
This is good. Its in my august favs really because I like the smell of Nivea products. But don’t take it in the way that it doesn’t do the job. it feels cooling on the skin which is nice after a hot shower and just keeps me feeling moisturised, smooth and smelling good.

Revlon – Vixen
When in doubt, use Revlon vixen. It’s my go to nail polish when I cant think of a colour to use. A basic deep red that I think everyone should have on hand (and nails). Its been doing in job in august by always being there for me, the multiple times I’ve needed it.

Food and Drink Favs
Sparkling Water
When I was younger, it was one of those things that I thought was just silly. Why have fizzy water that tastes of nothing when you can have Sprite and Coke… Well I now know that there are many reasons. It makes you feel so sophisticated when you drink it, its like “oh yes, sparkling water, yep, that’s what I’ll have…” You can imagine it, and it sounds great. There are other reasons like it’s good for you, proven to help lose weight, yada yada yada…

Goats Cheese and Spinach
I’ve never been crazy about a cheese but this month has been something new. I love goats cheese especially when its with spinach. Ive had pastry’s and pies, sandwiches and soups, all with goats cheese and I’ve really been enjoying it.

Song Favs
Kaava – Violin and Piano Cover
It’s an Indian song with violin and piano and the words taken out

Mast Magan – 2 States
Locha-E-Ulfat – 2 States
Two songs from an Indian movie, they have lyrics in Hindi and although some may not be able to understand them, it’s like a love song, really cute ones. Google the meanings if you really want to… Even though they’re Indian, I have been listening to them so much since I watched the movie, and it’s calming and just nice to listen to while blogging… 

Peanut Butter Cookies

Hello there!

The other day we, meaning chummy and I, made Peanut Butter Cookies for my boyfriend’s birthday. I have to say the end result was SUPER peanut-buttery but luckily my boyfriend is obsessed with the stuff and said they were great. He said that sincerely, I promise.

The ingredients, method and recipe was from (found here:

But for those who can’t be bothered to click the link here are the ingredients we used. I had to switch from honey to golden syrup as I didn’t have any but It didn’t seem to make a difference.

Dry Ingredients
– caster sugar
– plain flour
– light muscovado sugar
– barcarbonate of soda


Wet Ingredients
– peanut butter
– butter
– eggs
– golden syrup/honey

image copy 14



image copy 16


The method was really simple and easy to follow but the whole kitchen smelt of peanut butter so if you are adverse to the stuff, leave the house the day someone is making this.

image copy 15


After that I put them in the oven to cook. Now I don’t know if it was my oven but I left them in there longer than Nigella said to. Probably a bad thing, I mean I once forgot to put sugar in brownies, but I put a knife in them and they really were not cooked. But they didn’t burn and they tasted okay. I then put a chocolate frosting on top with icing sugar, nutella and coco power and finished it off with sprinkles. Ta Daaaa!


Quick and easy breakfast ideas

Peanut Butter Bear
Recipe is self explanatory I think…
image copy 13

Banana Egg Pancake
Since i’m trying to reduce the amount of bread and milk I have, I thought I would give this recipe a go.
– 1 mashed banana
– 1 egg
– toppings
Mash the banana, add in the egg, mix, cook, top with toppings and munch!
The good thing about this is that it doesn’t taste like an omelette or eggy, and it doesn’t taste like bananas either, it just tastes good… especially with a cuppa tea!
image copy 17

Risotto #2

image copy 9 image image copy 2 image copy image copy 3 image copy 4 image copy 5 image copy 6 image copy 7

I never thought I could make risotto but look at this, a blog post on how I made risotto!

  • Firstly gently fry some onions and once browned add in the mushrooms.
  • Once the mushrooms have softened slightly (not too much as they will still be cooking) add in the rice
  • Add 2 stock cubes with hot water to fill a jug
  • Around half a cup at a time, add the stock to the rice mushroom mix
  • Continuously stir – don’t even think about stopping unless you want some lumpy rice mmm
  • I added tomatoes just before the last batch of water
  • Once all the stock water has been used and you’ve had a cheeky taste to make sure it’s cooked, add in the spinach
  • Mix mix mix
  • Add any cheese of your choosing – I chose Brie but I think parmesan would be good too (the brie was slightly overpowering)
  • Mix once more and serve!

Disclaimer – this recipe is from but I did add my twist on it.

I have literally no cooking knowlegde #learningtocook

I mean that statement isn’t totally true. I know how to make excellent beans on toast. I know roughly how to make a Shepard’s pie. However, I deem cooking knowledge and ‘know how’ as which garnish/sauce goes with which dish, how to do fancy frosting on a cake or how to cut vegetables super fast.

Therefore, over the next few weeks I will be trying to learn the little tricks of the trade and improve my cooking skills… or I shall hopefully look like I know what I am doing at least!

You will of course Chum, bring up my previous failed cooking attempts where I forgot to put in flour when I made brownies, or when I forgot to put sugar into the mixture when I made brownies a second time. Or when I accidentally turned the oven off while a third batch of brownies and my friend’s desert was also being baked.

I am currently compiling a list of skills I want to learn so if you have any suggestions please let me know and I will write and let you know all about it! Number one on my list is to make your last blog post Chum! It looked delicious!

Fingers crossed I don’t burn the house down!

Indian Cooking #1

Green Daal – Green lentils
image copy 9

First boil the lentils (daal), cover with lid if needed
water(3) : lentils(1)
image copy
Begin making the tharka (aka thurka) while the daal cooks
4-5 tbs of oil and add 1-2 grinded garlic cloves – cook until brown

Add half an onion (grinded) and 1 tbs of cumin seeds (jeera) – cook until brown


image copy 2

image copy 3

Next, 2inchs of ginger (grinded)
With the ginger add in the spices: turmeric (haldi), garam masala, and powdered chilli (mirch)

image copy 4

Once the ginger has browned add in half a tin of tomatoes


image copy 5

Add green chilli to taste


image copy 6

While making the tharka keep checking the lentils to make sure they do not over

image copy 7

image copy 8

Once they have been cooked (do not drain them), add in the tharka and mix.
Daal made!

There’s no end photo because i forgot to take one, but you get the idea

It can be eaten with roti (flatbread), naan or rice. It should be runny in consistency but can also be thick if preferred (add water to thin)

Life’s Little Pick Me Ups

Hey Chummy!

Firstly I want to say I’m sorry this is a day late – as you will know from my snapchats I was in the library until 4.30am finishing coursework due in for today and so the blog had to wait until I had created suitable maps to show where the best site for a wind turbine would be… yes this is my life now.

Secondly, I don’t know if you will be able to read this until you return (and if not I didn’t publish this late…) but I wanted to post anyway! I hope India is cool – the pictures you sent make it look amazing! I’m very envious! I loved your packing checklist! I think I’m gunna use it wherever I travel be it back home or across oceans!

It’s been an up and down week this week so it’s been a little tricky to stay positive because of coursework deadlines, money issues and homesickness. But I have found a few little things to keep me going that make a big difference to me!

Firstly never underestimate the impact of a facial – I had one on Monday called Flower Power botanic extract; Lavender Soothing Facial Mask. It was an actual mask! It was so lovely and relaxing and I highly recommend it however it needs to be noticed that if you don’t like the smell of Lavender (I LOVE IT) it’s probably best you get a different…type?(I want to say flavour but you know what I mean) mask.Image

If you don’t want an actual mask then the Montagne Jennesse masks are amazing! And I think in boots they are 99p and in Wilkinson’s they are a £1 so they won’t break the bank and its just so relaxing and lovely 😀

Another good thing – you did mention this extensively on your Valentine’s day post but FOOD is just amazing. Pizza, Ice cream, chips anything! Ben and Jerry’s Fro Yo Chocolate Fudge Brownie and the normal version is always my go to choice if I’m feeling low – although it is slightly expensive… I have a nasty habit of not looking/worrying about prices if I’m unhappy.

Movies are also an excellent break – I find films that you don’t usually watch have the most effect because, as lovely as tv is, if you aren’t used to it then it really takes you away from your current situation. However, if you are sucked into a TV series unlikely to resurface any time soon then the more of that you watch – although probably won’t be good for getting back to work – the better for you too! Or sappy classics like the end of Gossip Girl season 2 or 6, any episode of Modern Family or the film One Fine Day.Image

Ear plugs. Cannot be overstated how much these come in handy, not sure I need to say any more.

Writing stuff down is good too – when you review your chaotic mess of a mind a day later you get a much better perspective of things and what to do. Even writing blog posts is therapeutic for me 🙂

And finally – little surprises! My mum hid an M&S voucher in my bag and I found it when I got in so I can go and get nice food. Or I forgot I ordered something off Amazon and it came on Monday! (I’ll tell you about it in my next blog!)

Anyway – I’m pretty sure you are having the time of your life in India and don’t need these little pick me ups but you can remember this when you have a free minute and have some pampering time because it’s very important!

Chat later chummy

Em x


Happy Valentines Day Lovelies

Since you chum, are in the in-between stage of lurve, I decided to compose a list of things that I, along with the countless singles there are out there, could do (instead of being smothered by love which isn’t for us… Just to point out, I believe that being single is not a bad thing- its a good thing! Who cares about whether somebody loves us or not, we can love ourselves… or just sit at home with pizza, hot chocolate and a movie. The mind-boggling decision of whether to build a sofa fort or make a bed nest to nap in… ahhh…

To ease your mind, I have made a list of things and stuff i would do:

Movies I would watch:

  • John Tucker Must Die
  • The Break up
  • 500 Days of Summer
  • She’s The Man
  • Disney Movies

Food I would eat (no-one needs to know:

  • Pizza
  • Chocolate
  • Ice cream
  • Chips
  • Crisps
  • Waffles
  • Strawberries
  • Beans on Toast!!! omg YES!

Drinks I would drink:

  • Hot chocolate
  • Sprite (anything fizzy)
  • Water
  • Coffee
  • Teas

Things I would do:

  • Movies
  • Eat
  • Make a fort
  • Sleep
  • Manicure
  • Dance
  • Lay on my floor listening to music…

I love the fact that i was more excited over the beans on toast than i was about the pizza, but I love both and am actually having pizza today 😀

I know this is late, as Valentines is today, BUT there is still 4 hours until the 15th and in some countries even longer. Therefore, keep hope, love is out there waiting for us, but right now, we can just pig out and enjoy the time we have as singles 🙂

I love you all ❤

3, 2, 1 Happy New Year

What a year 2013 has been but first, a Christmas update

On the 19th I spent my morning rushing to finish an essay due for 2pm and then in the evening I was in London with some amazing people, celebrating birthdays and having a pre xmas type meal- it was lovely although my phone died at around 6pm and I got home at 2am.. oops


The 20th December consisted of looking after my nephew and we made Christmas cards, however I think I was more into it than he was- none the less, it was fun


Skipping to the 23rd, my sister and I went shopping for presents. We are the type of family that do VERY last minute things. Presents, holidays, road trips, anything – last minute.. but I love it 😀

During the night it was sooooo windy and I think I slept at like 4am and at 1am there was this huge crash. We woke up in the morning to find that the neighbours (opposite us) their tree had fallen into our front garden.. so the road was closed and we couldn’t turn right from our house.


Christmas eve, I went to the hospital and helped out, was fun and Christmassy and yes chum, the doctor was there again (ahhh). Then in the evening we went to my aunties house as we do every year on the eve.

Christmas day at last! My auntie came over to ours and so did my sister and brother in law. Had a big feast and watched a ton of movies.


Boxing day we went to my other aunties house and played a lot of board games, card games and watcher Arthur Christmas.

27th – Hyde Park – winter wonderland


28th – My mums birthday, we had brunch in Windsor and then shopped and chilled

Went to Bedford on 30th – visited some family friends and then went to Go Outdoors and I bought some furry wellington boots (sooooo warm chum, soo warm)

NYE at the temple, same every year but I like knowing that I ended my year in p

rayer and started my year with a prayer. Couldn’t think of anywhere else to be..

New years day was the day we all planted ourselves on the sofa to watch movies until 6pm when we had guests (shocker). Back on the sofa at 9 and then peeled ourselves of at 2am after watching countless movies (I also started Vampire Diaries this day)


Today is the 2nd and although I wanted to change this year and do so much more, I haven’t and I get it, its just the first few days, I doesn’t even feel like a new year or a different year at that, just feels like life is carrying on. It does make me realise how time flies and truly does not wait for anyone.

I hope you had an amazing Christmas and a wonderful New Year and we shall see each other soon chum

Love ya Diljot x