Monthly Highlights | February

Hello! This time has rolled around once more! Lets get straight down to it..


I attended a wedding this weekend and it was amazing!

At that event that, seeing my family was great, some I haven’t seen for a couple of years so it was nice to chat 🙂

I’ve had a great time recently working with my student union and feel like i’ve achieved stuff

New Shoes 😀


Being in a long distance relationship is tricky

Some awful foot scrub (dets to come)

Stand outs 

The Wedding

I’ve had a few weekends at home which have been quite relaxing

Cuddling with my adorable dog!

Laughing with my amazing housemates about random rubbish


Whats you’re month been like?


25 Random Facts about Me

Yeah I’m a copy cat Chum. I can deal with that.

1. I don’t think I have a favourite number

2. I really want to read the Fault in our stars and I’m appalled I haven’t read it just yet (Sorry John Green)

3. I don’t think I can take the emotional breakdown if I read the Fault in our Stars (Sorry John Green)

4. Obsessed with Orange juice atm

5. Chocolate is a girls best friend

6. Highlighting is my life

7. I have watched every Friends and The Big Bang Theory episodes

8. Over the summer I worked in a school uniform shop

9. I have spent over an hour and a half on hold to Eon

10. Never miss the Great British Bake off

11. I have two small jobs working for my uni this year

12. I seriously couldn’t care less about the iphone 6 and 6plus cooming out

13. I have to fall asleep listening to something

14. Some of my favourite bands are The Feeling, Imagine Dragons, The Beatles, McFly, The Smiths Train and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

15. Elton John – Tiny Dancer = best song to sing at the top of your lungs

16. First concert I every went to was Micheal Buble (oh so rock and roll I know)

17. The first concert I ever ask to go and see was S Club 7

18. This summer I saw Mcbusted and my brain exploded with happiness.

19. My favourite book is Pride and Predujice (FYI my granny was similar to Mrs Bennet)

20. Ice cream is my life.

21. I love disney movies

22. I sing along to songs all the time regardless of who I am with

23. I currently have a massive spot on my chin

24. I am in love

25. I can’t wait for some form of holiday next year

TV Shows

Welcome to my unhealthy obsession of TV shows, these are all the ones I haven watched or am watching


This is a classic that I feel everybody should watch at least 5 times even though there are 10 seasons. It’s funny, sweet, dramatic and soppy.


Pretty Little Liars:

This is a great one for people who like mystery and crime and murder? More of a mystery one I would say though, but it does have cute and funny scenes as well.


Greys Anatomy:

Shout out to all the medical fans out there. This is a medical drama and is one of my favourites. It does have a few gory scene for the squeamish ones out there but like the others, there are funny and sweet scenes too.


New Girl:

This one is an on and off one for me, its mostly funny and sweet, it’s a different story every episode and although watching it from the beginning would make sense, I think if you watched it a few episodes or maybe even a season in, you would get the jist of it.


The Vampire Diaries:

About vampires, if that wasn’t obvious, but also werewolves and hybrids and witches yet in no way like twilight! A good series to follow, I got sucked into it this January and I love it.


The Originals:

This is a side off one from The Vampire Diaries, has some of the same main characters and obviously extra people, different story line but still a good story.


Don’t trust the B in apartment 23:

This is kinda like New Girl for me, but more out there! Its funnier (at times), more dramatic and stupid funny; which is hilarious. And like New Girl, I think if you watched it a few episodes or maybe even a season in, you would get the jist of it.



This is a new one for me, im 10 episodes in and loving it already, its about how someone takes revenge to its limits, its crazy and scary but fascinating how minds can work…


The next TV show i think i want to start is Breaking Bad, let me know what you think, and also if there are any more you think I should watch.


Happy Valentines Day Lovelies

Since you chum, are in the in-between stage of lurve, I decided to compose a list of things that I, along with the countless singles there are out there, could do (instead of being smothered by love which isn’t for us… Just to point out, I believe that being single is not a bad thing- its a good thing! Who cares about whether somebody loves us or not, we can love ourselves… or just sit at home with pizza, hot chocolate and a movie. The mind-boggling decision of whether to build a sofa fort or make a bed nest to nap in… ahhh…

To ease your mind, I have made a list of things and stuff i would do:

Movies I would watch:

  • John Tucker Must Die
  • The Break up
  • 500 Days of Summer
  • She’s The Man
  • Disney Movies

Food I would eat (no-one needs to know:

  • Pizza
  • Chocolate
  • Ice cream
  • Chips
  • Crisps
  • Waffles
  • Strawberries
  • Beans on Toast!!! omg YES!

Drinks I would drink:

  • Hot chocolate
  • Sprite (anything fizzy)
  • Water
  • Coffee
  • Teas

Things I would do:

  • Movies
  • Eat
  • Make a fort
  • Sleep
  • Manicure
  • Dance
  • Lay on my floor listening to music…

I love the fact that i was more excited over the beans on toast than i was about the pizza, but I love both and am actually having pizza today 😀

I know this is late, as Valentines is today, BUT there is still 4 hours until the 15th and in some countries even longer. Therefore, keep hope, love is out there waiting for us, but right now, we can just pig out and enjoy the time we have as singles 🙂

I love you all ❤

Reading, reading and if i have time read some more..

Hello chummy!

There were 16 quotes when i went back through my blog (I think anyway i might have missed one!) so you were slightly off hehe but im glad you liked it 🙂 I didn’t really like Wagamamas either. I woke up at 11am today and took a shift for this afternoon. Work was okay today, i saw my friends which made up for the kids not doing their work.

As you may have guessed by the title I have read a lot today. I’m reading my favouritist book ever ever ever ever ever. Its called A Discovery of Witches and its so good – i started it the other day and i’m on page 244 now and its so good 😀 I have forgotten how good it is!

Anyway not much to report other than me working and reading because I haven’t done anything else! I have a family dinner tomorrow and I want to curl my hair but i don’t know if i will be bothered tomorrow morning. Right now i’m babysitting and watching friends 😀

Talk tomorrow chummy

Em x

p.s. i loved the Christmas cards you made with P = best auntie ever

TV shows will be the death of me

So I had planned my day so that I would work and get this essay about Pandas done, but no, my mind decided that it would be better to leave that until last minute and watch friends episodes for the whole day!

As much as I enjoy watching friends I am quite annoyed with myself, but still happy that I have managed to watch so many episodes – I’m weird.

I did manage to remove myself from my laptop to go to the post office as I needed to renew my passport and helped my mum put the Christmas tree up with my 2 year old nephew, but other than that I was glued to my chair..

Since that is literally all I did I thought I’d talk about one of my favourite quotes

“You are braver than you believe, stronger that you seem and smarter than you think”

I really like this quote because I feel that something I don’t think I can do things and that I’m just small and unable. But when I look at this it makes me think… I don’t actually know how ‘strong’ I am until I actually lift something heavy, if I never do, how would I know. I know that the quote doesn’t mean strong as if weight lifting- maybe it does to some people, but to me if means strong! Like the strength that I have inside me to sometimes not cry and say to myself I can do it. It makes me rethink why I’m thinking what I am, and sometimes in life you need to do that. Just double check that everything is going okay.

Another quote I like (more faviroter) is:

‘Lord, grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, 
the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.’

Have a good day chum

Diljot xx


Ho Ho Ho Chum! (getting in the christmassy spirit)

I had my first shift back at work today – I thought I wouldn’t remember anything but turns out my job is just like riding a bike! Apart from when silly people move stuff to different cupboards or the new printer/copier is all fancy and is too confusing to work.

I don’t know if this is an odd thing to notice but since I have been home, my mum has been moving food and household objects around the kitchen and it is driving me crazy – just like moving the digi texts at work – there is now no cereal cupboard! And where the dog food used to be is now where the recycling is. I went to get a plastic bag and found plastic containers! What is this maddness! So although being back home is lovely and like riding a bike the little changes are very strange…

Anyway, back to the topic at hand; Insomnia. I have found over the past few days that I can’t sleep and that my usual time for falling asleep is half 4 in the morning. I love sleeping (remember the magnet you got me saying that all the coffee in Colombia couldn’t wake me) and it is driving me insane that at 4am in the morning all I can think about is all the little changes that have occurred since I am back home. Like how the vegetable draw is now missing and I presume dead until I find its new location.

I’m mean the missing veg draw isn’t consuming all my thoughts but how things have changed in my family, how things have changed about me but super small things, like I was told today I do my hair slightly differently. I don’t know – maybe its the morning talk (you know how it was with 2am uno) what do you think chum?

Other than my insanity and my first day back at work nothing else to report – I am doing stocking filler shopping tomorrow so I shall let you know how that goes!

Love ya, your chummy Em x

Coffee Calm and Songs

Hey guys

Today my day started with Emilly, probably when her dad was explaining his new bike to me.. was that at midnight chum? (We had just been to see The Feeling – they’re amazing (thank you chum)). Anyways, the day then went on. We make a few tag videos that may in the future go up and spent a long time trying to find an editing program. We then decided we needed some energy to stay awake, as it was probably now 2am. Emilly opted for a coke and I had a coffee. That was a goooood coffee and it was also my third.. oops..

We went to bed at around 4am I think, and we fell asleep pretty quickly

At 8:30am (so early) my alarm went off and I decided to set another for 9:30, which is then when I woke up.

I quickly got ready; chums dad dropped me home (thanks again) and then ate food. At this point I was ready to fall and sleep anywhere! But I stayed awake and faced the day to come.

At 11 my sister picked me up with my nephew and we headed of to Birmingham. We had to go to Potters Lane and who knew there were 3 in Birmingham? And we visited then all. We went there to do some music practise and recording for a function in Feb in India, which I don’t think I’ve told you about actually chum, haven’t decided fully yet if I am going though. The practise went well and we got a lot done. Left Birmingham at 6 and got home at 8. I ended up sleeping on the way back home I wasn’t able to stay awake like I did on the journey there.

So I got home, ate again :’) and then slept for an hr? ish. Watched a few YouTube videos and listen to The Feeling 😀 oo i watched this video, its so cute ❤

That’s my day chum, hectic, just like my life, as well as fun though

Talk soon 🙂

Diljot x

The Feeling Christmas Party

Hello Everyone! (although as we write this now we have no readers but i’m sure we will have soon..)

We went to see The Feeling yesterday! I absolutely love The Feeling! I have done since I got their album ‘Twelve Stops and Home’ in 2006 (Gosh year 7 was a long time ago..) and for a Christmas present (that came slightly early) me and Diljot got to see them at Under the Bridge for their Christmas party 🙂

The Feeling performing at Under the Bridge at their Christmas Party
The Feeling performing at Under the Bridge at their Christmas Party

Diljot hadn’t really listened to The Feeling before the concert and now she has been converted her to love them 😀 If you haven’t heard them then you need to here are some links;

Love it When you Call (my favourist song)

Rose (Still unsure of Diljot’s favourite but a great song)

They were fantastic and it was lovely to see each other after.. 6 weeks? Oh far too long! Anyway, they sung all of my favourite songs from over the years along with their own Christmas songs! Stop the Cavalry cover was my favourite although that is the BEST Christmas song generally…

Under the Bridge toilets need a mention don’t they chum – very fancy! The venues seats were comfy too and we got a great view all night long through the band’s Q&A, support act (we never did work out what his name was did we? Tom? Billy? Phil?) and The Feelings performance above everyone’s heads.

Every performance was brilliant and we both had an amazing time 🙂 Diljot’s face was especially funny when a lady started doing some sort of line dance next to her x)

Anyway, it was one of the best Christmas presents ever! Thanks mum and dad for the tickets! Thank you to The Feeling for being amazing yesterday and throughout their career!

Emilly and Diljot x