Marks and Spencer: The Surprise of 2014

Marks and Spencer. The place known for where your Grandmother loves to shop. But, I would like to flip that view on its head.
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Nice n’ Natural


I feel like in January I want to look nice and put in effort, but we’re past the berry coloured lips and dramatic cat flick, so what is a girl to do? Continue reading


Top shop Glow Pot

This little pot is like magic. Well it certainly looks like fairy dust anyway. This wondrous little cream can be used as an eye shadow, highlighter and something to add to your lips. It costs £9 (student discount £8.10 yes!) And is worth every penny in my opinion.

The reason why the glow pot is so good is down to two specific reasons;

1. The product itself – its a lovely consistency (creamy but not oily) with a lovely texture with just enough sparkle to add a little bit of glow. In my opinion you could get away without using powder or foundation if you used this, blush and concealer as it just enhances your face.

2. I’m lazy – it just does so much stuff! It can be used basically anywhere on the face, is transport friendly and has so many purposes due to how multi-talented this little pot is; eye shadow, highlighter, makes your lips look plumper and if you get a pink coloured one, a blush. Its like I don’t need the rest of my make up bag.

One thing I really like is to put some of the cream covering my eyelids and then in the crease of my eyes blend in an orange eye shadow – which sounds a little odd but it gives a lovely contoured look because the cream blends it in. Looks like i’ve spend hours when i’ve spent two minutes – my kind of make up.

What do you think?
photo 1 (4) photo 2 (4)

How to: Doing Make up on the Train

Last weekend I travelled to see my boyfriend (and happily I can now call them our friend’s gosh how couple-y) and I discovered a few tips to doing make up on a train. Here are my few little tips if you are ever travelling on a train and have shove stuff on your face early in the morning to look half decent.

Awkward Train Selfie
Awkward Train Selfie

#1 Ignore the people around you; would you rather look pretty for the people who you will spend hours with or be the object of curiosity for a few minutes to strangers on the train

#2 Decide what you are going to do the night before; its very easy to just follow instructions in the back of your brain instead of mixing up eye shadow colours and looking like a zombie with green eyes

#3 Put your make up bag at the top of you bag; therefore to avoid emptying out all of your stuff on the person next to you

#4 Take doubles; the glow pot from topshop (blog to follow about its awesomeness) works as an eye shadow, highlighter and something to add to your lips. Saves so much space.

#5 Less is More; take a small make up bag with only your options for that look to avoid mess, disaster and clutter on your small little train table

If you were wondering what I actually put on my face here it is;

Primer – Rimmel London Baby Face

Power – The Collection Lasting Perfection

Concealer – Benefit’s erase paste

Blusher – Revlon Baby Stick for Lips and Cheeks

Eye Shadow(s) – Bare Minerals its a light sparkly colour and a bronze coloured eye shadow that I have no idea where it is from appologies!

Mascara(s)- Seventeen Superlash Mascara and Clinique High Impact Mascara

Eyeshadow(s)- Seventeen Kohl Deep Black, The Collection in Vanilla Sky and Vintage Blush (I did treat myself in the eye department I admit)

selfie 3

Little Lovely Beauty Haul!

Hello Chum! Recently I have tried a few new products and I have had a little reviewing bug so you’ll have to wait to see my new handbag. Also apologies for the lateness of this blog, my computer crashed, skyped mum and then didn’t even realize it was Wednesday! (Where has this week flown?!) Anyhoo!

My New Beauty Haul
My New Beauty Haul









First up to bat is the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser (retail £7.99). I was a little hesitant in buying this because of your review of babylips however, I had just drooled over the smashbox photo ready primer and I have to say – not much different between that and this! Therefore, it automatically went in the basket. It probably shouldn’t have done because i’m a poor student. I have to admit while I was deciding if I really should I was working out what I could buy with £7.99 (if anyone is wondering 2 return and 1 single bus tickets or 7 bars of Galaxy chocolate which was on offer in the uni shop). However despite the expensiveish (for a me anyway.. oh dear) it is LOVELY. I can see why some may not like it due to its texture but it feels so lovely for me when i put it on my skin and I sometimes put it on and no other makeup as it really does erase my pores. Good purchase.

Next thing is Burt’s Bees refreshing lip balm with grapefruit. Retails at £3.99 which for me is a lot to pay for lip balm when Chap Stick is about one pound. However this smells amazing. I just put more on because of the smell! I did buy it with a boots voucher so probably wouldn’t spend that money on it if I didn’t have one as its a bit of a luxury but still lovely for a treat.

Next I bought the Revlon Baby Stick lip and cheek tint in Tahitien. I did this because I absolutely love the Revlon Baby Stick I have in Pink Passion. I know they have had horrible reviews online but for me they are AMAZING! I admit, Tahitien is rubbish to swatch but it you want a little hue of pink to go with a no make up make up day then this is what you need. Retails on Amazon at £2.99 but they just discontinued it so tempted to stock up haha!

Lastly I bought two lipsticks from Top Shop. I got a voucher for my birthday so had a little splurge and bought two – because for me £8 is a lot to spend on a lipstick personally, but in the end it only cost me £4.40 with the voucher and student discount so not bad at all. I got Macaroon (top lipstick in the picture) which is a great day colour, its light pink and makes me feel all summery. The other one that I got I purely pick up because of the name then fell in love with the colour. Ditsy. How good is that name?! Its like me in a nutshell. Anyway its a darker shade of pick and perfect for going out in the evening without being too over the top.

I highly recommend all of these products – I’ll do another post of failures of recent purchases (I really have bought too much stuff recently) next week – gosh when will I chat about my bag?! Chat later!

P.S. Breakfast club is a new love and here is my music playlist for March


So I did a little mid week shop, oops, and bought some things that I had been eyeing up for a long time. It ties in with the make up month but I wanted to move on from that and not drag it on, so im doing a mid week post.
Maybelline’s – gel eyeliner (black)
Eyeliner (Black)
Rimmel – colour rush (not an illusion)image copy 17 Rimmel – lip stick (drop of sherry)image copy 20

Then I decided to test out my new things

photo 1
left: an extreme wing—–right: a more everyday wing
photo 2
top: drop of sherry—–bottom: not an illusion

Face of the day

Rimmel – stay matte –transparent

Retails at: £3.99 – Boots

Real techniques – kabuki brush

Retails at: £6.00 – Feel Unique

Maybelline – define a lash

Retails at: £14.45 (Tesco) –apparently discontinued

Model co – kitty

Retails at: £6.50 – Birchbox

Benefit – pore fessional


Retails at: £24.50 – Boots

Rimmel – glam eyes eye liner

Retails at: £5.29 – Boots

NYC – eye lash curlers

Retails at: £5.99 – Ebay (I bought mine agesss ago, not from ebay)

Lip Balms

So out of all the lip balms that I own – I have a collection of over 20/25… its bad. These are the best ones in my opinion. I have written 3 things I like about them and one negative thing. Although I have listed prices and where you can buy these, the carmex ones I usually get from savers as they are a lot cheaper. Enjoy J


Vaseline – Aloe Vera



Good to share :’)

Sticky fingers after

Retails at: £1.99 (Boots)

Baby Lips – Blue One (hydrate)



Light on lips

Doesn’t last very long

Retails at: £2.99 (Boots)

Smiths – Rosebud Salve

Good for everything

Smells good

Soft lips/elbows/eyes/bum/anything!

Nothing bad

Retails at: £6.00 (American Apparel)

Carmex – Pomegranate



Lasts for a long time

Nothing bad

Retails at: £3.25 (Superdrug)

Carmex – Original


Long lasting

Kinda smells like vic (sometimes its nice)

Hard to get with long nails

Retails at: £2.69 (Superdrug)

Carmex – Moisture plus peach

Adds colour – doesn’t make you look dead



Nothing bad

Retails at: £4.29 (Superdrug)


First off, I apologise! After speaking with you on Monday Chum (was it Monday?) and we decided that Wednesday would be my day and Friday would be yours, I have failed at the first hurdle… as it is clearly Thursday today. However, despite this minor setback I shall strive forward and continue on with my little ramble of thoughts that I call a blog.

The reason my blog is late is because I got caught up in my craziness this evening (although now it is past 1am on Thursday it was yesterday evening). Recently I have just gotten so busy with university, socialising and sleeping – I’m not going to lie. And due to this my To Do list has gotten ridiculously long. And so I sat down, went through my madness and tried to sort out my life. I then sat and watched YouTube videos for a break and I jotted down every job that I had to do. The list got to 21 things and its still growing of little reminders floating around in my brain. No wonder I can’t sleep or relax really.

I saw this picture on Pintrest and loved this. I have never related to a quote so much! Are you on Pintrest Chum? I can’t believe I don’t know this about you* :O

Anyway – after my tangent – I am trying to organise my life now so this won’t happen again! So now onto my actual blog topic which I thought of in Costa Coffee today; Firsts.

While my life has been so crazy I have missed so many firsts. I mean take this week for example; I took the plunge and bought my very first liquid eye liner (Seventeen Lacquer liner – wet look finish) I was convinced into doing so for three reasons:

  • You always look lovely when you wear it
  • In Tanya’s Valentine’s day she looked so good wearing it
  • The bottle it’s in looks so snazzy!

(btw chum you will have to teach me how to use it properly now)

Seventeen's Lacquer Liner [Wet Look Finish]

This was a major first for me because I’m not into spending crazy amounts of time on applying makeup – quite frankly if I’m not in the mood I won’t put any on and if I am in a mood and going out for a fancy dinner I will spend 5 minutes on the stuff and liquid liner has always seem a bit of an arduous process. Despite this – I want to try it because it looks so pretty! I’ll keep you updated and I’ll show you my first stupid attempt when I try it tomorrow morning.

Another first was this was the first week I tried mediation – the second week in my life where I went to Ballroom and Latin dancing (okay so not a first but we’ll let that slide, I’m so bad It might have well been my first week), first tipsy moment of the new year (I did only have a vodka and coke which had more coke that vodka) but I didn’t do anything stupid… I just kept rambling about mini cheddars – which let’s face it I do anyway as I love them so – and my first impulse buy which I might take back tomorrow.

But these would have all passed me by if I didn’t slow down to smell the roses (metaphorically of course) or to take the road less travelled to quote a one Mr Robert Frost. So don’t miss out on all these little things in life! Remember that Chum 🙂

Okay that’s all from me this week! I’ll write again and it should be up by 7pm every Wednesday – If not next time you can give me a punishment chum. *If you don’t have Pintrest get it! Just search for Emilly Kitching and you’ll find me – I may have started a wedding board…

Toodles Chum!

P.S. next week I’m going to write about if there is a point of primers/day moisturisers… as you can tell I don’t put an awful lot of effort most days so I’m gunna see what all the fuss is about and if I should actually need to wear them