August Favourites

How is already September? It felt like May was just last week! Anyways, this is what I’ve loved in August.

Product Favs
The Body Shop – Tea Tree Toner
It’s really been nice to use on my face. I know its not this very product that determines my spot levels and although not a necessity, it’s been in my drawers and so I thought I’d get through it.

The Body Shop – Tea Tree Face Wash
So refreshing, you can really feel how it cleans. I like to use this at night because I like the fresh clean feeling before I go to sleep, knowing my face is free of the dirt build up during the day.

First Aid Beauty – Face Wash
This is so good! It doesn’t have a smell so it’s not going to be all up in your nose. It’s creamy and smooth, which is great for mornings.

L’Oreal – Volume Million Lashes (Extra Black)
This is the best mascara I have ever used. It curls, adds volume, and makes it look like I literally have a million lashes. I think the best thing is that it doesn’t clump up on your lashes, its super easy to take of but it’s so easy that it smudges if you rub your eye a bit. Its perfect

Nivea – Moisturiser
This is good. Its in my august favs really because I like the smell of Nivea products. But don’t take it in the way that it doesn’t do the job. it feels cooling on the skin which is nice after a hot shower and just keeps me feeling moisturised, smooth and smelling good.

Revlon – Vixen
When in doubt, use Revlon vixen. It’s my go to nail polish when I cant think of a colour to use. A basic deep red that I think everyone should have on hand (and nails). Its been doing in job in august by always being there for me, the multiple times I’ve needed it.

Food and Drink Favs
Sparkling Water
When I was younger, it was one of those things that I thought was just silly. Why have fizzy water that tastes of nothing when you can have Sprite and Coke… Well I now know that there are many reasons. It makes you feel so sophisticated when you drink it, its like “oh yes, sparkling water, yep, that’s what I’ll have…” You can imagine it, and it sounds great. There are other reasons like it’s good for you, proven to help lose weight, yada yada yada…

Goats Cheese and Spinach
I’ve never been crazy about a cheese but this month has been something new. I love goats cheese especially when its with spinach. Ive had pastry’s and pies, sandwiches and soups, all with goats cheese and I’ve really been enjoying it.

Song Favs
Kaava – Violin and Piano Cover
It’s an Indian song with violin and piano and the words taken out

Mast Magan – 2 States
Locha-E-Ulfat – 2 States
Two songs from an Indian movie, they have lyrics in Hindi and although some may not be able to understand them, it’s like a love song, really cute ones. Google the meanings if you really want to… Even though they’re Indian, I have been listening to them so much since I watched the movie, and it’s calming and just nice to listen to while blogging… 


Nail Polish Dupes

Nail Polish Dupes, to save you from spending too much on things which you can find for a lot cheaper! Just to clarify, I think they are very similar, but obviously ingredients wise it would be different, the formulas don’t really make a difference to me, unless they are very watery or extra gloopy, which none of these were *phew* the formulas were all very similar I found. The nail polishes can be used as one coat but for the true colour 2 is best.


OPI: Ski Teal We Drop (NL Z16)
Max Factor: Prussian Blue (37)

Identical! I saw no difference! EXCEPT THE PRICE! and maybe size…?

OPI: Grand Canyon Sunset (NL L30)
Rimmel: Frisky Clover (290)

The flash drowned the colour but they are very similar. Side note: Grand Canyon Sunset is my all time favourite nail polish. Jus sayin…

OPI: Chicago Champagne Toast (NL S63)
Maybelline: Silver Plum (14)

Unfortunately the Maybelline one is very dried up and will be thrown away soon…

Essie: Merino Cool
Max Factor: Cappuccino (26)

I will admit the Essie one is SLIGHTLY more purple, but literally on the nails you can’t even tell

OPI: Yoga-ta Get this Blue! (NL I47)
Barry M: Navy (292)

Look how similar!!!

Essie: Turquoise and Caicos
Revlon: Eclectic (580)

I used my friends Revlon nail polish hence theres no bottle, but I loved it so much and found it so similar, I know I’ll be buying that one when this one finishes

Little Lovely Beauty Haul!

Hello Chum! Recently I have tried a few new products and I have had a little reviewing bug so you’ll have to wait to see my new handbag. Also apologies for the lateness of this blog, my computer crashed, skyped mum and then didn’t even realize it was Wednesday! (Where has this week flown?!) Anyhoo!

My New Beauty Haul
My New Beauty Haul









First up to bat is the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser (retail £7.99). I was a little hesitant in buying this because of your review of babylips however, I had just drooled over the smashbox photo ready primer and I have to say – not much different between that and this! Therefore, it automatically went in the basket. It probably shouldn’t have done because i’m a poor student. I have to admit while I was deciding if I really should I was working out what I could buy with £7.99 (if anyone is wondering 2 return and 1 single bus tickets or 7 bars of Galaxy chocolate which was on offer in the uni shop). However despite the expensiveish (for a me anyway.. oh dear) it is LOVELY. I can see why some may not like it due to its texture but it feels so lovely for me when i put it on my skin and I sometimes put it on and no other makeup as it really does erase my pores. Good purchase.

Next thing is Burt’s Bees refreshing lip balm with grapefruit. Retails at £3.99 which for me is a lot to pay for lip balm when Chap Stick is about one pound. However this smells amazing. I just put more on because of the smell! I did buy it with a boots voucher so probably wouldn’t spend that money on it if I didn’t have one as its a bit of a luxury but still lovely for a treat.

Next I bought the Revlon Baby Stick lip and cheek tint in Tahitien. I did this because I absolutely love the Revlon Baby Stick I have in Pink Passion. I know they have had horrible reviews online but for me they are AMAZING! I admit, Tahitien is rubbish to swatch but it you want a little hue of pink to go with a no make up make up day then this is what you need. Retails on Amazon at £2.99 but they just discontinued it so tempted to stock up haha!

Lastly I bought two lipsticks from Top Shop. I got a voucher for my birthday so had a little splurge and bought two – because for me £8 is a lot to spend on a lipstick personally, but in the end it only cost me £4.40 with the voucher and student discount so not bad at all. I got Macaroon (top lipstick in the picture) which is a great day colour, its light pink and makes me feel all summery. The other one that I got I purely pick up because of the name then fell in love with the colour. Ditsy. How good is that name?! Its like me in a nutshell. Anyway its a darker shade of pick and perfect for going out in the evening without being too over the top.

I highly recommend all of these products – I’ll do another post of failures of recent purchases (I really have bought too much stuff recently) next week – gosh when will I chat about my bag?! Chat later!

P.S. Breakfast club is a new love and here is my music playlist for March

Lip Sticks

I’m going to be doing a make-up and skincare month, so join in and find out my favs.

I’m not a very lipstick kinda girl, I mostly prefer lip balms but on the odd occasion I will pull out a lipstick. The colours I mostly reach for are the ‘my lips but better’ pinky colour as its my safe zone.

The three that I wear the most are:


Revlon – Pink Truffle

This is one of the Revlon lip butters so its ‘buttery’ soft and smooth’s on nicely to the lips. It has a nice colour that is buildable and a good one to pop in your bag. It’s a good travel one as it’s moisturising and adds colour so you don’t look dead after a long flight.

I bought this after seeing the hype about it on YouTube and I have to say, it was worth the hype and I would totally recommend it. There are also a lot more colours available; I just tend to stay safe.

Retails at:£7.99 (Boots)

Rimmel – Heather Shimmer

This is the very first lipstick I got and as you can see it’s still going strong. It’s close to the end as you can see, but I still have a lot left to use. It’s my favourite ‘my lips but better colour’ adds a nice shimmer but doesn’t make it look too sparkly and glittery (I don’t really like that look… ahaa) its not as moisturising as the lip butter but has a good colour pay off.

I got this lipstick in a goodie bag from when I went to the clothes show and at first I was like, great what do I do with this, but it soon became a ‘must have with me all the time’ especially since I had lots of weddings that year – good wedding colour too, very elegant.

Retails at:£4.99 (Boots)

Model Co – Kitty

This is the most recent lipstick I have, I got it in a Birchbox that I was given as a birthday present. I didn’t think I would get much use from it as it looked very light compared to the Rimmel one (I tend to compare new lipsticks to that one, as I like the colour of that one and it’s a safe colour to wear) I decided to wear it out one day, and I happened to catch a look at myself in a window. I really liked how it made my lips look slightly lighter in colour and how it didn’t shine as much as Heather Shimmer. Overall, it’s a good’un.

Retails at:6.50 (Birchbox)

Overall I have decided, I have a good collection of lipsticks and am happy with the ones I have BUT I feel I need to step out of my comfort zone and try some different ones – not too crazy, but different to the ones I have. Hopefully ill have a new ‘crazy’ favourite this year, if I’m brave enough…