Little Lovely Beauty Haul!

Hello Chum! Recently I have tried a few new products and I have had a little reviewing bug so you’ll have to wait to see my new handbag. Also apologies for the lateness of this blog, my computer crashed, skyped mum and then didn’t even realize it was Wednesday! (Where has this week flown?!) Anyhoo!

My New Beauty Haul
My New Beauty Haul









First up to bat is the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser (retail £7.99). I was a little hesitant in buying this because of your review of babylips however, I had just drooled over the smashbox photo ready primer and I have to say – not much different between that and this! Therefore, it automatically went in the basket. It probably shouldn’t have done because i’m a poor student. I have to admit while I was deciding if I really should I was working out what I could buy with £7.99 (if anyone is wondering 2 return and 1 single bus tickets or 7 bars of Galaxy chocolate which was on offer in the uni shop). However despite the expensiveish (for a me anyway.. oh dear) it is LOVELY. I can see why some may not like it due to its texture but it feels so lovely for me when i put it on my skin and I sometimes put it on and no other makeup as it really does erase my pores. Good purchase.

Next thing is Burt’s Bees refreshing lip balm with grapefruit. Retails at £3.99 which for me is a lot to pay for lip balm when Chap Stick is about one pound. However this smells amazing. I just put more on because of the smell! I did buy it with a boots voucher so probably wouldn’t spend that money on it if I didn’t have one as its a bit of a luxury but still lovely for a treat.

Next I bought the Revlon Baby Stick lip and cheek tint in Tahitien. I did this because I absolutely love the Revlon Baby Stick I have in Pink Passion. I know they have had horrible reviews online but for me they are AMAZING! I admit, Tahitien is rubbish to swatch but it you want a little hue of pink to go with a no make up make up day then this is what you need. Retails on Amazon at £2.99 but they just discontinued it so tempted to stock up haha!

Lastly I bought two lipsticks from Top Shop. I got a voucher for my birthday so had a little splurge and bought two – because for me £8 is a lot to spend on a lipstick personally, but in the end it only cost me £4.40 with the voucher and student discount so not bad at all. I got Macaroon (top lipstick in the picture) which is a great day colour, its light pink and makes me feel all summery. The other one that I got I purely pick up because of the name then fell in love with the colour. Ditsy. How good is that name?! Its like me in a nutshell. Anyway its a darker shade of pick and perfect for going out in the evening without being too over the top.

I highly recommend all of these products – I’ll do another post of failures of recent purchases (I really have bought too much stuff recently) next week – gosh when will I chat about my bag?! Chat later!

P.S. Breakfast club is a new love and here is my music playlist for March


Living Cheap

Why hello there chum!

Look this one is on time!!! :O shocker I know! I think its because my day has been pretty chilled to be honest. I got up relatively early and went to a lecture about….. efficiency and sustainability I think, whoops that went in didn’t it? Then had a lovely long break chatting to friends and had a cookie and a hot chocolate.. and then we went for afternoon tea! Then went to yoga so feel all de-stressed and lovely 🙂

The main topic of my blog today is basically being as lovely as possible on the fewest amount of pounds spent! Which as students I feel is exceptionally important! I have come up with a couple of ideas but would love to know if you can think of anything else 😀

1. The Heaven that is Lush; Lush are more than willing to give away freebies of any product except the soaps (as we both well know) and this should be a student’s first port of call for a face mask, cuticle cream or face wash! I love lush and its ethos however my face doesn’t like the face masks much to my disappointment! However the 99p ones in boots are FANTASTIC

2. Free Samples; Lets face it we always go back and walk past the person twice – even my mum does it (they were giving out galaxy bars down oxford street – another reason why London is the best) – and I have got two benefit products to try; Total Moisture Facial cream and Its Potent! Eye Cream which I cannot wait to try! Also if we are going un-beauty related – at uni we had a careers fair on Saturday – even if I have a career plan later in life I am going for the free food, the pens, bags, pencils, usb sticks and highlighters!!


3. Presents! Gotta love christmas, birthdays or surprises really. For christmas I was lucky enough to receive Eau De Toilette Cherry Blossom by L’Occitane (i mean how do you say this brand?!) and I class this as my first beauty grown up present. It smells gorgeous and I also have the body lotion and hand cream so right now I smell all springy 🙂

4. Department stores; trying on dresses, how do we not do this everyday? £100 is too much for a dress right now, but trying on is free if you are having an awful day

5. Boots and Superdrug cards; buying stuff from points earned in either of these shops is highly satisfying, and getting a free coffee at McDonald’s or my personal favourite, £10 off at Waterstones when you have 10 stamps! (Although if you want a free book libraries have tons) However, the other thing that Boots does is the vouchers for double points and other offers. One off they had was for a free moisturiser – CHUM ITS AMAZING! Its called Boots shine control day moisturiser with tea tree and witch hazel. Its perfect for my skin; the consistency is a little bit gloopy but it makes my skin so soft and I shall be repurchasing this when i run out, but I think its only £1.99 normally so it won’t even break the bank! I also found that compared to primers while i was reviewing primers a couple of weeks ago that a combination of a primer and moisturiser works best for a night out however for day to day wear – this moisturiser is perfect and literally takes 10 seconds – perfect for my ‘can’t be bothered’ attitude.

6. Rediscovering old favourites; i love when this happens and it isn’t really shopping but its still a change from the norm so thought i would throw this in! My recent rediscovery is the Jack Wills hand and nail cream. A little pricey but i’ve had this for a while now (i found it on my shelf back home during Christmas break) and I haven’t even got half way through the jar! It smells amazing and every time  I go past it now i have to put some on

7. Sale shopping; and last but not least the best of the best! I went to Claire’s Accessories the other day (strange being there, it hasn’t changed since I was 13 and I probably haven’t set foot in a Claires since i was 15) but everything was £1 and it was buy one get one free. Needless to say I bought many hairbands, hair grips and other assortments for only £2! Oooh i felt good that day, don’t you find sale shopping puts a spring in your step?

Anyway that’s all from me this week chum, I hope you are okay and travel packing isn’t too stressful (have you even started since we last spoke?) chat soon! Em x