The Top 5: YouTube

Claire Marshall: clairemarshall
If your looking for beauty/fashion/life videos then this is the place to be. The editing is phenomenal with music that you find yourself singing later in the day. LOVE!

Jenn Im: clothesencounters
Great fashion advice, What Would Jenn Wear (WWJW). The outfits that she puts together are very daring, girly, edgy and practical. Funny tag videos and amazing travel vlogs.

Kelsey and Becky: thesorrygirls
DIY projects which you didn’t even know you needed, from fashion, home and travel to halloween DIY’s and FAQ’s about their pet hedgehog Harley. I personaly love the home, card and plant pot DIY’s.

Vivianna: vivianaadoesmakeup
The weekly vlogs are my personal favourite, but she does many fashion, beauty videos with the occasional fitness, get ready with me and cooking videos.

Greys Anatomy Music: galover4ever
Full length songs from Greys Anatomy episodes! BRILL!

Hannah Maggs: hannahmaggs
Such cute little vlogs, and although I’ve just discovered her channel, I know it’s going to be one I love.


May Music Time!

Here is my top ten tracks from May – a few from revision, a new discovery in Tessa Violet and a little bit of the First Wives Club. Enjoy.

My channel is at:

Bow Ties

Is it bad for me to say the bow ties on a man make my tummy flutter? I don’t think so either. Only certain people can pull off a bow tie… Who you may ask? Fit, hot guys! And when they do! Phwoaarrr!!!


Anyways, while catching up on my daily dose of YouTube, I stumbled across this video… seeing the words ‘bow tie’ got the butterflies started and I think the black and white adds a good effect. Bonus – by watching the video, you can actually learn how to tie a bow tie, great right?

Let me know what you think of bow ties

PS. Love the bag 😉

Firsts and Resolutions

  1. YouTube Video – a song that I first heard at my cousins engagement, its an instrumental with a few ahhs in it (
  2. First TV episode – Friends (Season 9, Episode 11, The One Where Rachel Goes Back To Work)- why is every word capitalised?
  3. First film watched – New Years Eve (have seen it before though)
  4. First outfit worn – Thick leggings, top/dress thing, coat, boots
  5. First meal eaten – the potato thing that my mum made when you stayed over that time (pronta)
  6. First thought – bless me lord that I can achieve more this year and reach my goals that face me in this new year (kinda deep I know, but I always try and do a prayer)
  7. First hug – friends mum (she was sitting next to me, my friends on the other side, but she hugged me first 😀 )
  8. First text received – I started getting them at like 6pm on NYE, does that count- either was it was from people in a watsapp group
  9. First text sent – to you my chummy

10. First place visited – well I was at the temple, so there

11. First book – a little bit of The Magicians Nephew (1st book in Narnia series)

12. First time to write the new date – I also have yet to do this

My resolutions for this year:

I write them down in the hope that I can look back in a year and see that I have accomplished them

  1. Exercise more (3 times a week – good idea chum)
  2. Don’t say sorry – basically: don’t do things that you will have to says sorry for later

(I’ll let you know how I get on)